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  • In this exciting and scandalous tale, we delve into the forbidden romance between a Pakistani pathan doctor and his patient. The heat rises as their professional relationship takes a turn towards passion and lust. What starts as a routine medical examination quickly escalates into a steamy affair that neither of them can resist. The doctor, a handsome and charming pathan, finds himself drawn to his patient in ways he never imagined. Her beauty and vulnerability stir something deep within him, igniting a desire that he can no longer ignore. And the patient, a seductive and alluring woman, is powerless to resist the advances of her enigmatic doctor. As their secret romance blossoms behind closed doors, they explore their deepest fantasies and indulge in the forbidden pleasures of their illicit affair. The tension between them sizzles with every stolen moment, as they risk everything for the sake of their undeniable chemistry.

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